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tvg_020158_p1.jpg (33743 bytes) Tom Sawyer (Junior Grade) TV Guide, Feb 1, 1958, pg 17
tvg_062858_p1.jpg (26104 bytes) TV Guide Interview TV Guide, June 28th, 1958
What TV Guide said in 1960, TV Guide, Feb 27th, 1960
tvg_030361_p1.jpg (54343 bytes) An Expert on the Male, TV Guide, Feb 25 - Mar 3, 1961
tvg_051361_p1.jpg (45760 bytes) Advice to Homemakers: Dress up your Roll, TV Guide, May 13- May 19, 1961
tvnews_102161_p1.jpg (62392 bytes) He's discovered Girls!  TV News, October 21st, 1961
tvg_090763_p1.jpg (39234 bytes) No Longer Trying to Reach the Moon, TV Guide, Sept 7th, 1963 with the BMW Z4 windscreen wind deflector
The Top 100 TV Shows of All Time, TV Guide, Step 97
tvg_072598_p1.jpg (46586 bytes) Urban Legends Article, TV Guide, July 25th, 1998.  




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