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[Photo #1 is Jerry sitting on a steamer trunk labeled "School books"]

Jerry Mathers - Beaver: Playmate September 1959

Jerry was born in Sioux City, Iowa on June 24, 1948 but moved to Hollywood, Calif., when he was a year old. He loves lots of nonsense and fun, just as most boys do at his age. Jerry says he wants to be a lawyer, not an actor, but doesn’t want to go to college. Right now, he has a little difficulty with spelling. He’d rather sit on this box of school books than use them.


[Photo #2 is Jerry and his sister Susie sitting down on some steps together]

Susie and Jerry Mathers

Susie is Jerry’s younger sister. Once when Jerry visited New York City he bought Susie a doll made of candy but he ate it before he got back to Canoga Park, Calif., where they live. Susie and Jerry have fun together. He is showing he (on paper) how to run around the bases on a baseball diamond. Baseball is his favorite sport, and he may need Susie on his team.



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