Silver Needles White Tea, Something You Shoud Know

Silver needle white tea is one of the rarest, simplest, and most exquisite types of teas around the world. It is sometimes called Baihao Yinzhen or white china tea. It’s grown on the beautiful remote mountains of China and the Fijian province of the southern part of China. It is made from very young and unopened silver buds without including any stems or leaves. The young buds used to make it are needle-shaped; they are covered with a fine layer of hair that looks white down.

This type of tea is made from the upper part of the tea bush that is tender and downy. The buds are very delicate, which means they can only be harvest once in April over a few days. Picking of the buds is done very early in the morning before sunrise; this is why they remain white after harvesting. After picking, buds are evenly spread over the bamboo racks to dry up.


Silver needle white tea is one of the favorite beverages for many people. A cup of it makes a gently perfumed drink and subtle that is far from the gutsy of the traditional black tea. Many people say this tea has a sweet and mellow aroma, and Mellon like and even malty.

Processing of silver needle tea

The minimal oxidation of white tea is the distinguishing factor of white tea from other types of teas. White tea is sometimes referred to as unoxidized tea.

The oxidation occurs when tea leaves are crushed. This means that you need to be extra careful when you are processing silver needle tea. Below is the process through which the tea is processed after the harvesting is done from the bush.


This is the first step of processing silver needle tea. Here the buds harvested are carefully laid in baskets so as to wilt under the sun. This process can take three days. Sometimes this process is done indoors with time help of artificial warmth because whether it can ruin a batch of tea.


The second step is drying. Here the needle-like buds baked until they are dry at a shallow temperature. That’s all; your tea will be ready for packaging. This full process of preparing silver needle tea is a simple but still delicate process. It provides healthy and uniquely flavored tea.

Health benefits of Silver Needle

White tea is believed to be having high amounts of antioxidants, just like any other type of tea. This makes it be a source of many health benefits. The benefits include;

Boosting of body immunity

One of the health benefits of silver needle tea is that it helps in boosting your immunity. It contains antioxidants that promote your defense and boost your immune system. It contains high amounts of catechins and flavonoids that are essential in helping to prevent the onset of any disease. This type of white tea is rich in polyphenols used to fight viruses and bacteria. It is, therefore, the best mild tea to consume immediately. You start to feel the first signs of the flu.

Heart health

Silver needle tea is a proper medication for heart health. The antioxidants promote your heart health by reducing that level of cholesterol and making your blood vessels to be healthy. It also aids in preventing your blood from forming clots that are the leading cause of heart stroke and attack, thus preventing heart tissues from any potential damage.

Aids indigestion

When you feel stomach nausea or cramps, this is the perfect mild tea to improve your digestion process. It helps to reduce stomach acidity or even in detoxifying your digestion system.

For those people who are suffering from heartburn and indigestion issues, this is the perfect solution for you; take a cup of white tea and mild steamed food and relax.

Promotes fat loss

This tea is useful in boosting your metabolism and in the process, helps in controlling your body weight. Apart from improving your digestion system to have proper digestion, it also makes you’re your body gets rid of all unwanted materials from your body. Silver needle tea also gives your body the energy required to perform physical exercises.

Healthy teeth and mouth

Bacteria and high sugar levels cause tooth decay. This means that manufactured sweeteners are the primary cause of tooth decay. This does not mean you will have to stay without consuming any sweetness in your life. Silver needle provides you with a better alternative for a nice and refreshing flavor that does not have any harmful substances to your body. Silver needle tea kills all bacteria that cause harm to your teeth and gums.

Some people also claim the brew is low in caffeine; this makes it the best drink to take all day like water. It is right in hydrating.

Pregnancy and white tea

During the pregnancy period, you should refrain from using this type of tea. It contains high amounts of caffeine that can be harmful to your body and your unborn baby. It is always advisable to consult your doctor to give you advice on the best beverage to take when you are pregnant.

Some caffeine-free products such as rooibos tea would be a better choice according to research from Liquid Image Co.

Coffee substitutes

If you are looking for the best substitutes for coffee, then the silver needle is the best alternative for you. It is reached in caffeine and theanine component that keeps you alert and calm mind awareness, respectively.

Not only will you start to enjoy the sweet taste of silver needle tea, but also your skin will begin to reap the benefits of good appearance. It heals your skin and reduces the damages that occur due to the effect of free radical cells from the sun. White tea contains plant extract that acts as a protection to two skin proteins: collagen and elastin. It, therefore, makes your skin to be fuller, brighter, and tighter. The antioxidants make your eyes to be brighter.

Try out this type of tea, and you will have a new beverage added to your list. It is delicious and has a sweet taste.

Mattress Firmness Scale Guide for You

Buying a mattress is not a simple task as many of us tend to think. It involves considering a lot of factors one of which is the firmness of the bedding. Due to different individual tastes, each person has a separate desire of a mattress firmness levels. This means that what works for you may not work for another person.

As a result, there is always a need to choose the firmness level that suits your desires. Buying the wrong mattress will result in the suffering of interruptions when asleep. It can also cause pains to your back. But maybe you’re wondering, how do I go about differentiating mattress firmness scale levels? If so, then you need to worry less as this is what we shall discuss in this article.

We also look at what firmness scale works best for you. Pay attention and read throughout the whole mattress firmness scale guide for a chance to grasp a better understanding of the topic.

Different Mattress firmness scale Levels

Mattress firmness is something that we can divide into four categories, that is, soft, medium soft, medium firm and firm mattresses. But what makes one level different from the other? Are there advantages or disadvantages that associate with each of the standards? Let’s discuss these four firmness scales so that you might have a clear understanding of them all.

Soft Firmness

Out of 10, soft mattresses fall in between 1 or 2 firmness scale. Of all the levels of mattress firmness, this group offers minimum support to your weight. So, therefore, when you lie or sit on the mattress, you sink. Per best mattress reviews, they are the best for body contouring and are perfect for those individuals who sleep on their sides.

If you have challenges of shoulder and hip pains sleeping on a firmer mattress, this will also be a perfect choice for you. However, the soft layers can result in some individuals experiencing hot sleep. And it can also result in an off-gassing odor after unpacking. These mattresses also have a reduced life span, and therefore, you’ll have to purchase a new one sooner.

Medium Soft

The medium soft beddings fall in a range of 3 to 4 out of 10 on the firmness scale. These mattresses are ideal for individuals who love to sleep on smooth surfaces but with increased support. But if you’re looking for improved spinal support, this is not the design for you.

The mattress features foam materials in its comfort layers. However, the main content of its making is latex and memory foam. It also offers body contouring, but the difference with the soft mattress is the fact that you’ll not sink deep into the bedding.

However, after unpackaging, the mattress will cause an off-gassing odor for some time. It can also cause hot sleep for some individuals which can be problematic. When compared to the soft bedding, this level is more durable. And this is from its making that incorporates more sturdy manufacturing materials. The durability is, however, shorter in comparison to other firmer mattresses.

The Medium Firm

From the medium soft is the medium firm that falls between 5 and 7 out of 10 on the firmness scale. It’s the best mattress that offers a balance between body support and contouring. The mattress suits different types of sleepers, and therefore most of the users find it very comfortable. And this is the range in which most of the universal comfort mattresses fall. They will accommodate a variety of body shapes, weight, and sleeping positions. If you cannot maintain a particular sleeping style, or massive weighted and needs more support, this is the firmness level that you should adopt. It’s good for all-night sleep comfort.

The mattress level does also come in an affordable price range. It’s less expensive in comparison to the softer mattresses but is a bit expensive than firm category. Its making is denser and has more extended durability in connection to the soft materials. As a result, the mattress is in a capacity to serve you a comfortable sleep to an extended period. I believe this is the mattress that many reach out for in the market and offers the best results.

Nectar Mattress is the top choice of

Firm-Level mattresses

The last level of mattress firmness is the firm scale. It falls on the range of 7 to 10 out of 10 on the mattress firmness scale. Of all the options that you can consider buying in the market, this is the best for maximum support. It offers minimum body contouring as you won’t sink into the mattress when you lie or sit on the bed. The design makes sure that you sleep on the top of the mattress completely. Some of the sleepers will love this firmness as others feel as if they’re not in bed.

The design is not an ideal choice if you’re a side sleeper. It can result in compressing of your hips as well as the shoulder bones and as a result, cause you massive pains. It can also trigger numbness as well as tingling around these areas.

It works best for the heavier sleepers as a result of its improved spinal support. Also, it’ll be an ideal choice for individuals who suffer back pains. It allows sufficient air flow and therefore keeps the sleeper body cooler. In comparison to other mattress firmness options, the firm mattress is cheaper.

When some of the mattresses may not last long, most of them have an increased life span. Higher rates of firmness relate to increased lifespan. And this is as a result of the sturdy solid materials used in its making.

Mattress firmness scale guide summary

The mattress you consider purchasing from the stores will highly depend on your weight. The lighter you’re, the softer the bedding you need to buy. Also, if you’re heavyweight, consider purchasing the firmer mattresses. You can also pay attention to the fact whether you’re a couple. Compare your weights and go for bedding that will perfectly suit your needs.

Also, check if you have any back pains when sleeping in any mattresses. The sleeping positions will also be a factor to consider in determining the mattress firmness level that you should consider purchasing. In this factor, we have side sleepers, back sleepers, stomach sleepers and those who combine all positions. Consider selecting yours wisely.

Also, check on the durability of the mattress when you go shopping.

Now that you understand what mattress firmness scale means and how you can choose the best mattress for yourself don’t waste your resources. Buy something that increases your sleep comfort, and you’ll find the happiness that you always desire in bed.

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